Shared governance at virginia tech

Our governance system is a shared process of decision making concerning policies and institutional operation. Our governance bodies represent constituent groups at all levels and we aim to give the entire community a represented voice in shaping our university.

Shared Governance Bodies

University Council

Serves in an advisory capacity to the President on matters of university governance, assisting in the formation of policies.

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An executive body that reports to University Council and provides a small-scale forum for in-depth conversation among governance leaders.

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Represent the collective voice of their constituency groups throughout governance; appoint representatives on all governing bodies.

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Made up of representatives from each constituent group; charged to develop policies relating to their affiliated areas.

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Deal with matters of university-wide interest; may be constituted by the President or the request of a governing body as needed.

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Around Campus

September 23, 2022

Virginia Tech Shared Governance launches resolution tracker

Monitor the status of a given proposal through the governance process with our resolution tracker.

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February 12, 2021

Constituent groups working together to improve, advance shared university governance

Two review bodies are defining principles and developing recommendations for reshaping shared governance on behalf of the entire Virginia Tech community.

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