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Our resolution tracker will display the status of all Virginia Tech resolutions as they move through the governance process. This allows members of the university community to monitor the status of a given proposal through committees, commissions, and Council and provides a point of contact for any questions.

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Resolution Status Guide

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Status History

Statuses are in descending order by status date.

  • Approved
  • 10 President's Review
  • 9 University Council 2nd Reading
  • 8 University Council 1st Reading
  • 7 Senate 2nd Reading
  • 6 Commission 2nd Reading
  • 5 Senate 1st Reading
  • 4 Commission 1st Reading
  • 3 University Council Cabinet Review / Senate Comment Period
  • 1 Resolution Draft Notice

Resolution Information

Start Date
Starting Point
Commission on Faculty Affairs
Title of Resolution
CFA 2023-2024E: Resolution To Endorse The Statement On The Responsible Use Of Research Metrics At The University Level
Academic Year
Final - Approved, May 06, 2024
CFA 2023-24E